History of Tria Products Ltd.
Since 2004 Tria Products has been working on the engineering and design of our concrete batch plants

Tria Products Ltd. is the amalgamation of 3 business verticals – Broad Valley Redi-Mix Ltd, Broad valley Custom Precast and Broad Valley Manufacturing, since Jan 2022. Earlier known "Broad valley" located on the outskirt of Arborg, in the province of Manitoba, Canada, Tria Products LTD. have been into the industry since 2004 providing solutions & services for Redi-Mix concrete, Custom precast structures, Manufacturing Steel trusses and concrete batch plants.

With young professionals coming onboard, Tria Products Ltd. excels into providing best Solutions and Services for all your needs. Our tradesmen are motivated to explore prestressed building solutions by a tradition of strength and a desire for innovation. Our team is committed to fully knowing each project's goal. With our small family-owned principles in place, we endeavor to provide the best customer service possible, so you can be confident that when it comes to satisfying the requirement of having our staff member by your side to see the task through, we are here for you. Our value system, which includes "treat people as you would want to be treated," has increased our recurring customer business. As a family that is based on our vision of life's core values, we seek to improve the future by giving solutions that are as firm as concrete.

Concrete batch plants by Tria Products are located in northern parts of Manitoba and in North America. To create the best concrete batch plant we possibly can, Tria Products collaborated closely with our clients. All aspects of the company are areas of expertise for our support workers. We upgraded from a mobile batch system to a fixed, fully automated batching system. Customer satisfaction is our top focus. We are distinguished for our capacity to provide the finest value for the highest quality. we are committed to providing customers with the best Batch plants in today’s market and are constantly expanding as we grow in the concrete industry.

We offer innovative solutions to improve the design and functionality of every project of yours, your design requirements inspire our next innovation. We are driven by your ideas, hence when it comes to construction planning, we endeavor to grasp to the best of our ability in order to bring your ideas to reality. Utilizing the most advanced technologies at our fingertips Tria Products offers 3D modelling of your next significant project to consumers so you can see what your building will look like before you build it, allowing us to offer better solutions when it comes to the designing of you building.

We are well known for our abilities to give the highest quality at the most affordable price. We are proud to support our economy by sourcing our materials from Canadian-owned businesses who offer us with high-quality goods, we truly believe that buying from local companies helps establish greater product while also reduces our environmental footprint. As we develop the concrete sector, we are enthusiastic to have Canadian-owned businesses as part of our footprint in the Construction industry.

Tria has strong associations with other industry that depends on stewardship of the environment which places a responsibility to sustainability on Tria which is etched into Tria’s core principles and is enforced through real world experience. Tria maintains control of most of the manufacturing and installation processes, that are required in executing projects, and as such can
maintain a high level of accountability to environmental issues.

Tria Products is committed to the prevention of accidents and injuries. Our company objectives include safety, health, and environmental programs that will reduce the number of accidents and injuries to an absolute minimum. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries. We recognize that the responsibilities for safety, health and the environment are shared. It is important that employees understand that safety and production are equally important and neither shall be sacrificed. Safety is at the core of everything we do and is one of our central guiding principles. We promote and foster a culture where people truly care about one another and where everyone shares in our goal of zero incidents.

Small Family-Owned Principles

We still operate with the small family-owned principles that we started with. Customer Service is our highest priority. Our value system which includes - treat others like you want to be treated have enhanced our repeat customer business. We are known for our ability to deliver the highest quality for the best cost.