Tria Products Offers Career Opportunities
Tria Products offers an excellent wage, depending on experience and skills and an attractive benefits package.

Typical Duties
Assists in carrying out inspections of workplaces and takes necessary action to ensure compliance. Assists in responding to and investigating concerns/complaints from workers/employers and assists in taking appropriate action. Assists in investigating accidents or injuries that occur in the workplace. Assists in the establishment of workplace safety and health committees. Assists in the delivery of related educational programs and disseminates information to the public. Assists in carrying out industrial hygiene surveys. Assists in the preparation of various reports, documents and forms. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills Good oral and written communication skills. Good organizational skills. Ability to maintain effective work relationships. Some knowledge of workplace safety and health issues.
Education, Training and Experience Sufficient to allow progression to the full working level within a two-year period, determined by the employing authority.

Safety officers perform some or all of the following duties
• Review physical,and  workplace hazards.
• Conduct safety and environmental audits.
• Investigate health-and-safety-related complaints, and workplace accidents.
• Inspect workplaces to ensure that equipment, materials and production processes do not present a safety or health hazard to employees or the general public.
• Develop, implement and evaluate health and safety programs and strategies.
• Provide consultation and deliver training programs to construction industry employers and employees on issues of workplace safety and (depending on the project) environmental protection.

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