Mobile Concrete Batching Solution
We supply Mobile Batch Plants for On-Site Blending & Batching. 

Mobile concrete batching plants are an ideal solution for clients who wish to produce concrete as close to a project site as possible. When a project location is further away than would normally be feasible for delivery, across multiple sites, located in temporary sites, operating for a limited period of time or  in compact sites where space is limited - mobile concrete batching plants are the way to go. A mobile concert batching plant removes the risk of investing in expensive civil infrastructure while eliminating the need for a permit. These sites allow for lower risk, resulting in greater financing options. A mobile plant also reduces the number of vehicle movements on the road.
Projects where mobile concrete batching plants can add value include:
Construction of large out of town warehouses
• Large inner-city construction projects
• Roads/highway surfacing
• Tunneling
• Bridges
• Windfarms
• Utilities
• Nuclear
• Remote locations
• Existing sites (added capacity)
• Low-risk testing of new market opportunities