Tria Products Precast Concrete
Superior to conventional concrete!


All panels are manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring the proper control of preparation, casting, and curing of all panels. Tria Products Ltd. custom precast is certified to CSA A.23.4 standard. This ensures the compliance of all CSA Standards in regards to the complete process from design to erection of the building.

Precast concrete is far superior to conventional concrete, due to the fact that high early strengths are required for efficiency of manufacturing. The concrete used in manufacturing of precast panels is higher in compression strength, exceeds durability, and is cured in a far superior setting.

Why Build With Precast?

Precast is a highly efficient, practical method of concrete construction which makes beautiful buildings possible at a cost that rivals any other building system. The benefits of building with precast are almost endless and incomparable. Listed below are just a few great qualities of Precast

Choose from a wide range of colours, shapes, textures and patterns to design the exterior of your building or structure.
Fast approaching deadlines are always a big concern when building. By building most of your project off-site you will shorten the construction time of your project.
Precast concrete structures provide superior resistance to natural disasters, insects, and mold. Unlike any other building material precast concrete is resistant to wind damage, termites, decay, mold and mildew. It also provides low maintenance for the life of the building
All walls can be insulated with up to R28 styrofoam. The type and thickness of the insulation varies with the requirements of each building.