Engineering Innovation and efficiency

Tria Products specializes in the manufacture of steel joists in a variety of shapes and sizes. Joists are custom-made structural steel components used to support the floors or roof of a building. Using a steel joist system for construction will result in significant savings.

Tria Products has developed strict quality standards. All our welders, inspectors, and quality assurance technicians are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) in Canada. The Tria Products in house research and development team has matured from a small family owned business to include a wide range of in house professionals.

Tria Products Ltd. relies on a solid team of engineers who specialize in the design of steel joists, joists girders, building structures and assembly engineering. From the outset of any project, our engineers work with our clients to meet their needs, realize their vision and provide value-added engineering services. Our engineering team is recognized in the industry for their professional expertise. We pride ourselves on being able to offer solutions to our clients that will optimize the manufacturing process of products as well as enhance the design and construction of buildings.

Our services include:
• Custom design of steel components as well as composite action (steel-concrete)
• Assembly engineering
• Building design
• Value engineering
• Production and approval of shop drawings
• Review of drawings
• Project management

Tria Products Ltd. engineers are supported in their work by a team of experienced drafters who create accurate plans, technical drawings or 3D models of each component to be manufactured and delivered. We use the latest technological tools.
Tria Products has developed a wide range of interactive tools specifically designed for engineers. These tools both save time during the design stage of the project and accelerate the implementation and the completion of the project work.

• More cost effective projects
• Very competitive delivery times
• Optimal shapes and customized for your various projects
• Excellent, flexible customer service from cost estimation to delivery
• Design support

Steel Roof Systems

Tria Products Ltd. is a manufacturer of Steel Roof Systems which includes, but is not limited to: trusses, joists, columns, beams, and girders. This system can easily be combined with either a steel or wood building system.

Resistance and Durability
Resistance and Durability
Steel roof systems offer more resistance and durability than a wooden truss.
More Cost-Saving
More Cost-Saving
Enjoy the simplicity and ease of a steel roof system; standard spacing is 10' O/C which is very cost effective.
Turn Key Packages
Turn Key Packages
Tria Products Ltd. Precast provides complete turn key packages from foundation to completion of the building.
Enjoy the simplicity
Enjoy the simplicity
Enjoy the simplicity and ease of a steel roof system; standard spacing is 10' O/C.