Introducing Tria Products Stationary Plant
Designed to produce high-quality concrete!

Why Buy a Stationary Batch Plant From us?


As part of our batch plant package we provide onsite training and support to your staff.

• Our skilled concrete specialist will operate and run your newly purchased concrete plant.
• Our top priority is to ensure your staff operate your batch plant with ease and confidentence.

Latest Technology
Our Stationary Concrete Batch Plants are the equipped with the latest technology, Cb3 fully automated Computer with Manual override. Designed and proven for Super-efficient precise accuracy. Capable of Producing 200 Meters an Hour Stress free. The Feed Conveyors simply go On-Off till they reach their target, unlike a Clam Gate which have a tendency of overshooting their target or jamming. No ramp is required for loading Aggerate hoppers.
Gravel Hopper Specs
22 Yards of Aggregate Vibrator on both Tanks Gravel feed Conveyor designed for super precise accuracy. Meets 100 percent target weights. Feed Aggerate conveyor comes with a 26 Inch Belt, Nord Gearboxes. Led Digital readout on both hoppers, Loader operator always knows weight of product inside Tanks. Rocker Arm Load Cells. Luff Greaseless Rollers for Feed Conveyors
Drive Through Structure. Walk around Catwalk and ladder cages for service of Surge tank and Valves, Structure has a clearance designed for any Concrete Truck. 100 Ton Powder Coated Bin, with automated German Bray Valves, that are synchronized with Automated Computer, they can be programmed to release 20 – 800 Kg a Second. Top valve is spring loaded, is case of air Failure which will close itself. Surge Bin has a 5000 Kg Capacity, equipped with Air Jets & Vibrator.
Skid Frame
No Piles required for Skid Frame, Floating slab, self-contained unit. Main Conveyor has a 42 Foot Incline designed for a low degree angle, to prevent rollback on aggerates. 10 HP Motor, with Worldwide Gearbox. Main Conveyor has Luff Steel Idlers, 35 Degree comes with 30 Inch cleated Belt.

Stationary Batch Plant Capacity

Capacity- 110-125 YPH
Discharge Height-  16 feet
Powder Bin Capacity- 120 ton
Aggregate Hopper Capacity- 40 ton
Transfer Belt Conveyor- 36 inches
Feed Conveyor- 24 inches
Deep Troughing Idlers-35 degrees
Cement Silo (In Truss Design)- 250 BBL/922 CU
Cement Powder Bin Discharge-10 Butterfly
Water Meter piping to discharge- 2-3 inch
4 Point Load Cell (3K Each)- Yes

Automatic concrete batching systems

Choose between two options below
  • CB-3 Automated Concrete Batching System
  • Batch tickets and certificates
  • Ability to reprint any batch ticket or certificate
  • Material usage/inventory reports
  • Mix design reports
  • Batching statistics
  • Truck monitoring
  • Real-time batching visualization
  • Efficient batching
  • Multiple windows & simultaneous processes
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  • 1280 Enterprise Series Concrete Batching System
  • Customizable color touchscreen with graphical user interface
  • User-defined softkeys, icons and graphics
  • Tactile keypad for scale operations, numeric entry and navigation
  • On-screen keyboard available during entry mode (or external keyboard)
  • Built-in web server for remote access, systems integration and data monitoring
  • Multi-language operation and text entry
  • Three different enclosure types: universal with tilt stand, panel mount and wall mount
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