Automated Control Batching System

By Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

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(1) 920i ® HMI Controller
(1) 920i ® HMI Controller
The CB-3 is driven by Rice Lake’s intelligent 920i weight controller for accurate high-speed weighing.
(2) Power Control
(2) Power Control

• Keyed power switch with internal circuit breaker.
• Keyed auto /manual control.

(3) Auxiliary Control
(3) Auxiliary Control

• Up to 8 auxiliary controls.
• All controls include status lights.

(4) Aggregate Control
(4) Aggregate Control

• Your choice of 6 single speed or 3 dual speed gate controls
• Status lights on each gate
• Weigh hopper discharge gate control
• Aggregate vibrator control
• Sand bin vibrator control

(5) Cement Control
(5) Cement Control

• Your choice of 4 cements with 2 dual speed fills or up to 4 single speed controls
• Status lights on each gate
• Cement bin aeration on 4 bins
• Weigh hopper discharge controls
• Weigh hopper vibrator control

(6) Mixer Control
(6) Mixer Control

• Fully integrated mixer controls
• Mixer start control
• Mixer stop control
• Mixer discharge control

(7) Water Control
(7) Water Control

• Water controls with status lights
• Metered water pulse status light
• Reservoir discharge control and empty status light
• Adjustable tail water discharge

(8) Admixture Control
(8) Admixture Control

• Automated and manual control of admixtures
• Pulse meters included, eliminating outboard control
• Up to 6 admixtures or colors
• Fill /feed control and status lights
• Discharge control and status lights
• Bottle empty status lights

(9) Plant Control
(9) Plant Control

Comprehensive plant control including status lights and manual override switches that can be configured in either momentary or maintain operation modes.

Manual Override Controls
• Dust collection system
• Alarm / horn
• Aggregate conveyor start /stop
• Air compressor start /stop
• Boot raise / lower

Status Lights Include:
• Aggregate conveyor running
• Load complete
• Cement gate closed
• Aggregate gate closed
• Out of tolerance
• Air pressure OK

Tracking truck movements is streamlined with the CB-3’s truck monitoring screen on the PC interface. Know where all of your trucks are by dragging and dropping custom truck icons into truck location holding lanes. Holding lanes for truck icons include Waiting, Loading, To Job, On Job, Pouring, Washing, To Plant and Parked.
Batching widgets visualize plant progress in real time. The weight/pulses of admixes and bins and their moisture percentages are documented on widgets. Once the batch starts, the weights on aggregate and cement scale widgets adjust as the material is unloaded. The graphics provide the current rate of change for each scale and also reflect real-time discharge data during truck loading.
Preparing a batch is seamless with the CB-3. There are three simple and easy to batch setup options.

• Order based
• Load based
• Quick batch with hotkeys

Operators can start one batch, and in additional windows, perform secondary actions including, prepping the next batch, accessing real-time weather conditions, creating driving directions to the job site, and accessing advanced reports. Multiple users can access the CB-3 interface through the browser-based software.
Inventory management is taken a step further with the CB-3. With the ability to notify the operator when cement is low, the CB-3 helps keep operations running smoothly.

The CB-3 concrete batching control system is fast, efficient and ideal for ready-mix and block plants. It is capable of controlling portable plants, stack-up plants, central mix, dry batch and pre-cast plants. From weighing raw material to automatic ticket printing and detailed reports, your entire operation is centrally controlled with the CB-3—all with the power of an industrial PC.

Offering the ability to view multiple windows at once, the PC interface offers expanded possibilities to save time and optimize efficiency. With the same panel configuration, the CB-3 is an ideal upgrade to existing CB-2 systems, or other concrete batch controllers, taking your plant to the next level.


In addition to the ability to connect with most printers, the CB-3 has a robust onboard reporting module including:

Batch tickets and certificates
Ability to reprint any batch ticket or certificate
Material usage/inventory reports
Mix design reports
Batching statistics

Easy Integration and Retrofit System Option

Elevate your concrete batch control easily as either a new installation, or a CB system upgrade. The CB-3 easily integrates with plant equipment and is an ideal replacement for existing concrete batch controllers. The retrofit option to upgrade a CB-2 with CB-3’s enhanced features and industrial PC is a smart solution for applications already familiar with automated concrete batching equipment and control.

• Onboard industrial PC interface
• 920i® digital weight indicator/controller
• One aggregate and one cement scale, optional weighed water scale
• Standard manual override controls
• Advanced batch tickets with configurable field printing
• Automatic aeration control for cement silos and weigh hoppers
• Automatic dust collection outputs
• Multiple free fall values per material
• Precision control of inching gates for aggregate and cement discharge
• Auto jogging gross, ideal targets and net mode batching
• Order-centric loading that also does load based or quick batch loading
• Material usaage by day/week/month/year and on-site inventory reporting

• Automatic pre-act compensation algorithm
• Pass code protection and multiple user roles for advanced documentation and security
• U.S. or metric units
• Automatic daily ticket and system backups
• FTP and remote support from factory capabilities
• 3 dual or 6 single speed aggregates
• 2 dual or 4 single speed cements
• Automatic dust collection outputs
• Optional dual moisture probe interface (supports 4-20mA)
• Optional weighed water
• Available in Spanish
• Manual discharge tracking (theft monitoring)
• Multiple browser-based windows and simultaneous processes to prepare the next batch while CB-3 is batching